A newly formed partnership in the form of a start-up technology group serving the nonprofit and association markets is quietly making its name known by signing clients, sponsoring a conference and building integrations for other product vendors all in the course of one single month. Avectra Certified Partner, benel Solutions, is slated as a Silver Sponsor at the annual technology user’s conference in Orlando this coming week referred to as the Avectra/Abila Users and Developers Conference, or AUDC.

benel Solutions, just one month in business to date, is sponsoring and speaking in a session at the 10th annual AUDC down in Orlando Florida early next week. The founders of benel Solutions, Benjamin Muscolino and El Mehdi Marhoum, are thrilled to be sponsoring the conference that is put on as a User and Developer conference each year, especially because they have already been working to support and innovate with these same clients over the past several years. Ben and El Mehdi are both proud former Avectra employees having worked on opposite sides of the business, Ben worked with all of Avectra’s products from a sales and account management perspective including netFORUM Pro and netFORUM Enterprise, and El Mehdi’s experiences at Avectra run a few years longer than Ben’s 4 year tenure and was spent exclusively on the development, consulting, implementation and architecture side of the business in the professional services department. “It’s clear that Mehdi and I are passionate about working with associations and nonprofits, the way they work to fund-raise for causes or advocate for their members, that’s how we feel about our clients,” said Muscolino as he prepped for the upcoming conference in his home office. He went on to make a statement about the climate of the Avectra partner space in general, “we are one partner, the smallest right now for the time being, there is a lot of talent in the partner space and we can just hope to learn how to do good business by the examples set from the other more experienced entrepreneurs in the room.”

The founders of benel Solutions are also fortunate enough to be speaking alongside a seasoned executive from CQ RollCall at AUDC 2014 on Monday March 3rd. CQ RollCall provides essential intelligence and grassroots advocacy resources among other things, and are viewed by many as the premier partner in that space. The presentation is led by the CQRC Executive and complimented by Ben and Mehdi and the session will consist of discussing the ongoing changes in the information technology marketplace steered by social media, shifts in consumer behavior, big data and the difference between data and integrated usable data.

When questioned about the future plans for the company, the executive team at benel Solutions are consistent in their messaging that they are excited to grow the company but plan to do so within the United States right now, insisting that quality work and rapport with the clients in this space is what makes association people clock in every day, they believe so hard in what they’re doing and Benel has begun to mirror that example from their peers and customers.

About Benel Solutions:

benel Solutions is an IT solutions company focused on software strategy, consulting and development.

Based in the DC / Northern Virginia region, the company is a Partnership between 2 professional with a total of almost 20 years in the software business that strive to leverage all of today’s best practices and most up to date development methodologies while keeping the client’s best interest in mind always.