We specialize in innovative netFORUM solutions

With experienced staff ranging from 3 to 20+ years of full life cycle implementation experience of netFORUM Enterprise, members of the benel Solutions staff have acted as the technical project lead on more than 30 netFORUM Enterprise implementations over the years. Taking these clients through the full project life cycle from the system requirement analysis (SRA) through G0-LIVE. Each implementation had a variety of requirements met including documentation and planning as well as development of customizations throughout iWeb, eWeb, xWeb and other Integration work.

The team at benel Solutions are experts in developing solutions to empower netFORUM users and accomplish more by customizing the AMS to fit their business rules and processes. By following the most up-to-date netFORUM development methodologies, all work will properly scale your overall approach and comprehensively work with existing customizations making sure not to derail your technology from a smooth upgrade path.

Best of Breed and Integration Strategy – Our team has architected numerous integrations between netFORUM applications (iWeb, eWeb and xWeb) and other product companies in the market to accomplish workplace efficiency goals and protect data integrity. Our team has crafted custom interfaces and web services to push and/or pull data to and from netFORUM. Performance is a key pillar in the development of any integrations we create or enhance which results in a seamless experience for the users.

Can benel Solutions provide Coaching on how to best use and leverage netFORUM?

Yes, we can. We offer all types of training and consulting needed to better serve our clients. Our client success is the only way we measure our success, and the best Consulting and Coaching Services enable us to Coach our client to accomplish on their own and build product knowledge of their own. We offer the best guidance to help our client spends less money for a better outcome.

Through our netFORUM expertise and your bright vision, we can partner to deliver advanced product knowledge and innovative solutions, making your organization’s netFORUM experience more enjoyable and rewarding.